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Dear God, where do I start with this screwup


Perry - AKA Crazy fucking kid

OK, there is no way this kid isn't legally insane. He puts Johnyy Knoxville to shame. A chair has more sense than Perry (scary isn't it?). When you see him and his Hurley sweatshirt walking down the hall, you know he has something dangerous in store for you. There's nothing he won't do...

He has done so many stunts (some clothed and some naked). He has flipped off walls and over streams and into bushs. He even owns the hill outside of our dorm (perry hill). He has gone down it in a cart, wheelbarrow, and I don't even remember the rest. He has jumped in and out of trees reaking havoc on the campus of Towson.

My favorite Perry moment was when he put his mattress in the elevator and acted like he was sleeping and we got all the drunks reactions..."PUNTANG!!!" A close second favorite is when he jumped over an 80 year old women on a bench at the mall and proceeded to run into a sign and knock it over.


Perry Hill


Perry can't stop laughing when he pulls a "switch."