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The Bowl Game

Aight these are some of the funny goings down at my Super Bowl Gathering on the 4th of Febuary.

Davis said " Wheres your messiah now Warner?", upon Warner's 2nd turnover.

Davis on bringing Melanie Bennet to UVA: "So is she gonna give it up for you guys?"

Davis on the Playmate eating strawberries, "Oh you TAKE IT baby!"

Why wasn't Kurt Warners wife ever shown?

Davis and Alex guessed the correct hang time.

Belv on the commercial against drugs, " they are rich because we drive cars, not because of drug sales. Our cars do not run on crack!"

Me in response to people wanting to see Malcom in the Middle, "Diamond Cutters vs. Family comedy...hmmmm?"

Me in reference to the cracked out playmate, "Rob Zombie."

Jim was wrong about everything all night.

I ripped on Alex about salsa conversation. Then he killed the whole bag of chips.

I came into the room eating a brownie. Someone asked if it was the last one. I said last one is in the pan. Davis and Jim immediately boxed out alex and then Jim beat the shit out of Davis for the brownie.

Ben said that there is nothing wrong with buying a car thai is more than a nother car exactly the same and Johnny made the rebuttle YES THERE IS!

Alex knew all the names and issues of the playmates, and I called for a hands check.

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